825 Simonds Rd
Williamstown, MA 01267

Michael Ziemba is the Chief of Police for the Williamstown Police Department. Mike has been a member of the Williamstown Police department for 22 years and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2019. He took over the Acting then Interim Chief’s role in early December 2020, and was promoted to Chief in December 2022.

Mike grew up in the neighboring town of Adams Massachusetts where his family still operates a small family farm. He and his wife have three young children that attend local schools. He also served the Adams Police Department for several years during the early part of his law enforcement career. 

 As a dedicated member of the department, he has served in many capacities and roles. Mike founded the original K-9 program in Williamstown with K-9 Blue in 2004. Blue served the department until K-9 Daisy took over in 2013. Mike has also served as the fleet manager, court officer, and started the school safety program. 

In addition to handling all administrative tasks and functions, Mike oversees and is responsible for the department in its entirety. He still routinely covers patrol and dispatch shifts as needed to fill vacancies while understanding the role of the Chief is being the face of the department he serves and being available to all.

"I am committed to leading our department through the constant changes and challenges in law enforcement in an ever-changing world. We strive to continue to move forward with our community to bring the best and most efficient policing while providing safety and security to our town and those around us. We will do this by being transparent, forward facing and available to the community we serve and protect, listening to all voices."

-Michael Ziemba


Community Partnerships and Chief's Initiatives

Northern Berkshire Hub

The Hub is a team of designated community and government agencies that meet weekly to address specific situations with those facing elevated levels of risk, and develop immediate, coordinated and integrated responses through the mobilization of resources. The Hub does not perform case management. Its purpose is to mitigate risk within 24-48 hours and connect individuals and families to services. Case management functions remain with the most appropriate agencies as determined by the Hub Situation Table. The Hub works with families and individuals that are facing complex challenges and may need services from more than one community agency. We work together to ensure families and individuals are safe, healthy and have the opportunity to thrive. Included participants can be found on the flier in our Resources section of the website.


Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships

The Strengthening Police and Community Partnerships (SPCP) Council was developed from volunteers at the SPCP event hosted by Williamstown Police and the Department of Justice. These two groups along with a small group of local community members planned the forum held on 3/12/22 as a means to allow community members to identify strengths and weaknesses of the community relationships of Williamstown and their Police agency. This forum also presented an opportunity for these participants to provide their thoughts on potential ways to improve relationships identified as well. The council of volunteers will continue to work with the Chief to utilize the outcome report from this event, and evaluate what possible changes can be made in policies and procedures to accomplish the goals identified from the event.



The Williamstown, Massachusetts Police Department is seeking accreditation through the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission.  Similar to programs widely used in higher education, corrections and health care facilities, law enforcement accreditation involves both the establishment of a body of professional standards representing best practices and a voluntary assessment process by outside examiners to ensure an agency is meeting those standards.  
Further information regarding the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission may be found at https://masspoliceaccred.net/
Information about the accreditation process may be found at https://masspoliceaccred.net/about-the-program/


National Night Out

National Night Out is a national community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships through a coordinated event that brings together community stakeholders in a family friendly atmosphere. This year's national date will be 8/2/22, and details regarding events and participating community groups are still being planned. Please check back for more details as we get closer to this exciting event.


We look forward to scheduling additional community events, and are open to community suggestions.