825 Simonds Rd
Williamstown, MA 01267
  • 911

    • Williamstown is a Public Safety Answering Point for the town of Williamstown. This means that any calls made from cell towers in the area as well as landline phones are answered by our dispatchers here in town, or transfered from our other local agencies. All our dispatchers and officers are certified to take 911 calls and provide pre-arrival instructions if needed. If you are in doubt if your situation is an emergency, it is always better to call 911 and we will direct you where to contact if your situation is not. Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, but sometimes that technology results in an accidental call to 911. We understand that this happens, and ask that you stay on the line and let us know, as we have an obligation to make sure that there is no true emergency.

  • Alarm Permits

    • A town by-law was implemented in 2004 that mandates that properties with alarms be reported to the police department annually with up to date contact information. We requested updated information each year to ensure that we have the best contact information in case of an emergency, and track this information for the safety of your residence and the first responders that may be called in an emergency. The form for new permits, renewals, or to change details can be found in our forms section.

  • Animal Control

    • Animal control matters for the Town of Williamstown are handled by our officers. Dog and cat bites should be reported to our officers so state protocols can be addressed, as well as injured wildlife that may need our attention. Issues of other animal nature may need to be dealt with by property owners, often through a pest management company, for things like vermin, bats, and other wildlife. Please call us and we can advise you of the best way to handle your animal circumstances.

  • Fingerprinting

    • We provide fingerprinting services for background checks. Often times a specific fingerprinting card is required, so please make sure to contact the agency needing fingerprints to request one if needed. Generally speaking, it is best to call before coming to our station for fingerprints so we can let you know if an officer is currently available. We will do our best to have one available if you call ahead, but request your patience as sometimes circumstances change.

  • Firearms

    • Firearms identification cards (FID) and license to carry (LTC) can be obtained by town residents through the Williamstown Police. The form to apply for these can be located on our forms page, as well as a list of approved firearm safety courses.

    • New applications require fingerprints be taken by our officers at the station. Due to changes in current operations, please call ahead to inquire about new applications and the current process. New applicants will need a completed application, a certificate from an approved basic firearms safety course , and $100 cash or check  to the "Town of Williamstown".

    • Renewal applications can be dropped off at any time with our dispatch. Please include $100 cash or check to the "Town of Williamstown" and a completed application.

    • Unwanted firearms or ammunition can be collected by Williamstown Police to be destroyed. Please call us to discuss the protocol for this through our dispatch.

  • Information/Record Requests

    • To request a copy of a report or log please use the form on our form section of the website or stop in our office. By law we have up to 10 business days to complete the request, and not all information can necessarily be given out, so we will do our best to get the information to you in a timely and legally appropriate manner. Please be as detailed as possible in your request of what you are looking for and feel free to speak with our office if you have questions on the form.

  • Lockbox Program

    • If requested, we will provide a key lockbox to place an emergency key outside a residence. This is particularly handy for those with mobility issues, or the elderly so emergency personnel can access the residence to assist in an emergency. Please contact our office if you are interested in this service.

  • Lost/Found Property

    • If you have found an item of value that you feel was lost please let us know so we can attempt to notify an owner and log the property in our system. If you have lost an item we are happy to check if it has been reported to us, as well as confirm that we have contact information for you if it is found.

  • Medication Drop Off

    • A dropbox is located outside our station for residents to drop off old or unused medication to be properly destroyed. While we cannot take sharps at this time, any unwanted human or animal medications can be dropped off in the box at any time.

  • Public Parking

    • Williamstown has a year-round overnight parking ban on all streets and in all municipal parking lots. This parking ban is in effect from 1 AM to 6 AM, in which cars may not be parked for more than 1 hour during these hours. If your vehicle is disabled, or you need to request a special circumstance for short term parking, please call our office to discuss.

  • Property Checks

    • If you plan on leaving for an extended period, please call to speak with us about arranging periodic checks of your property in your absence.

  • Scams

    • Scam attempts can be reported to the Williamstown police, but please understand that there is often limited actions that we can take. Reporting these circumstances can allow us to inform other members of our community of potential scam risks, and document the incident for your safety.

  • Sex Offender

    • All level two and three sex offenders must notify Williamstown Police in writing within ten days of moving to  or from Williamstown as well as any changes affecting their registration. This can be done by calling our office to set up an appointment or arrange a time to meet with our officer in charge of this task. Those interested in viewing those registered with the town can do so by accessing the link on our resources page or viewing the posted information in the police department lobby.

  • Off Duty Traffic Details

    • Detail officers can be requested through our dispatch to accommodate traffic directing needs for crews doing work in our town. Please call ahead to provide us as much time as possible to allow us to find officers. 

Special Units

  • K-9

    • Our current canine is K9 Shelby, a bloodhound specializing in tracking. Her handler is Officer Duprat.

  • Drone

    • Our drone program is one of the few in the area, and can be a very big asset for challenging calls. Our drone operator is licensed to fly at night as well as a variety of heights, and it has been deployed on several occasions in its first year.

  • Field Training Officers

    • Williamstown Police has officers certified to train new hires in department and industry standard practices and in line with current department protocols and procedures. The field training program operates off a structured system of training by certified individuals to ensure consistant practices and evaluations occur for all new officers.

  • Investigation

    • Williamstown Police currently has a trained detective on staff as well as an additional sexual assault investigator. While concerns can be reported through our dispatch center, they may be referred on to an investigator for further follow up.

  • School Safety

    • Williamstown Police participate in partnership with the schools in our juristiction to ensure that training, planning, and ongoing communication are key parts of the school safety plans for law enforcement, students, and school staff.


    • Williamstown participates with the Berkshire Law Enforcement Task Force, with officers assisting in roles to assist this county-wide initiative.